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All tier 1 carriers are betting for 5G. But, what is exactly 5G? Is it the next generation of wireless communication? Is it the need of more speed? Companies are starting to promise the impossible for the communication for the next few years. There is not an official and clear definition of 5G yet but the telecom companies are establishing themselves as 5G leaders, spending billions of dollars in capex and Opex to provide the service. The previous generations have been known for their speed of data transition, and in this case, it will be also remarkable. It is speculated that between the end of 2018 and 2020, the 5G platform will be operating at its best. The real advantages of 5G will come in massive speed, capacity and low latency, overpassing the levels of 4G technologies. Now, 4G networks are also improving, but still are expensive, power-consuming and demand complicated service plans.

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The Great Depression in the 1930´s has been a reference point for the world´s economy and is used as an example of the decline and evolution in many industries. The global traffic of communications declined because of the growth in macroeconomics, leaving a legacy to benefit the evolution of technology.

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The Mobile World Congress, held in Barcelona at the beginning of the year, was a great opportunity for enterprises to show the inventions, devices, ideas, apps, that have revolutionize the Mobile Industry and will continue to do so.

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Cronos Group has been operating in Spain since 2013 and betting on technological development, has served as a bridge between the Asian and European market to boost the digital industry, the diary GTC has wanted to highlight the work of the company and for that he spoke in exclusive with Diana Daniels, CEO Founder of Cronos.

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